Marketplace AM for October 14, 2004

Episode Description 

The book review game

Not that many Americans read for pleasure - but the ones who do, buy books. By conservative estimates, there are nearly 150,000 new titles every year hitting bookstores. A review can lift one book above the fray -- so you can imagine how desperately publishers want those spots. Kirkus Reviews, a trade journal known for tough, pre-publication reviews, has a new plan to cash in on that desire. Alisa Roth reports from New York.

Health, care, and debate

If you watched the presidential debate last night you might have noticed health care took up a decent chunk of the discussion. No matter who wins the White House, one thing at least is certain. The health care bill isn't going down any time soon. Here's our economist in residence Chris Farrell. (Photo: Getty Images)

The end of Detroit?

General Motors said today it's cutting up to 12,000 jobs at its plants in Europe in a drive to get those operations back on the road to profitability. The cuts are a symptom of longterm problems facing GM, Ford, and Chrysler overseas and here at home. Micheline Maynard, author of "The End of Detroit", says the Big Three have been losing market share in part because they don't get what customers want. (Photo: Getty Images)

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