Marketplace AM for November 5, 2004

Episode Description 

An international game

It's called the National Basketball Association but the NBA is quickly becoming a very international sports league. Host Kai Ryssdal talks to Marketplace's Business of Sports commentator Diana Nyad about the opportunities for transforming NBA games into global events.

The TV sweeps ...

November Sweeps: It's that time of year when the TV networks roll out their biggest and best shows. They hope the bigger audiences will translate to bigger bucks from advertisers. Will they succeed? Host Matthew Algeo talks to Variety's Michael Speier about how they're trying to glue you to the tube.

The AIDS squad

What do women fighting AIDS in Africa have in common with an Avon lady from Anytown, USA? You may be surprised. Eric Whitney reports how some typical suburban sales tactics are being used to take on a deadly disease.

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