Marketplace AM for November 2, 2006

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Alternative minimum tax net widens

Host Scott Jagow and Marketplace economics correspondent Chris Farrell discuss why politicians aren't talking about the alternative minimum tax.
Posted In: Taxes

Arizona considers election lottery

A novel initiative is on next week's ballot in Arizona. It would set up a million-dollar lottery to entice voters to go to the polls. Claudine LoMonaco talks to the man behind it — and his critics.

Happy holidays for retail sales?

Retail sales figures for October are due out today, and they're expected to be up. Jeff Tyler looks at what the news might mean heading into the holiday home stretch.

FCC says yes to free Wi-Fi

Federal regulators decided yesterday that Continental Airlines can keep operating its free Wi-Fi network at Boston's Logan airport — against the port authority's wishes. Lisa Napoli looks at the implications of the ruling.
Posted In: Science

New health food restrictions in Europe

Food and drink companies trying to target health-conscious consumers in the EU will soon face tough new labeling and advertising laws. Stephen Beard has details.
Posted In: Canada, Health

Yahoo for foodies

Web giant Yahoo is getting into the food business — or at least the business of providing a gathering place for people interested in food. It launches its new site today. Janet Babin reports.

Day of the Dead profits to be made

Today is the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead. It's is growing in popularity in the U.S. and that's sparking a brisk retail trade on the Internet. Rachel Dornhelm reports.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship, Mexico

Skilled labor shortage in China

U.S. companies in China continue to make some nice profits, but they are increasingly finding that it's difficult to staff their operations there with qualified workers. Ruth Kirchner reports.
Posted In: Canada

In pursuit of India's wireless market

Motorola is trying to do some damage control in India after losing a $5 billion bid for wireless phone lines there. Miranda Kennedy reports.
Posted In: Canada

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