Marketplace AM for November 17, 2004

Episode Description 

False sense of security?

In Japan, kids as young as six years old commute to school on their own. That's how safe the country is. Or so Japanese think. Japan's crime rate is rising. A series of high-profile crimes has shattered parents' assumptions about their childrens' safety. Now, schools are investing in high-tech security. Marketplace's Tokyo Bureau Chief Jessica Smith reports.

Airline troubles grow - again

The hole just keeps getting deeper for the nation's airlines. Tuesday the Association of Flight Attendants authorized a strike vote. If a strike is approved, thousands of flight attendants could walk out on bankrupt carriers like United and U.S. Airways. Both airlines want to void their labor contracts. Marketplace's Hillary Wicai reports. Meanwhile despite all the toil and trouble flight attendants have been through, Marketplace commentator Rudy Maxa says a strike would get them ... nowhere.

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