Marketplace AM for March 31, 2005

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Saving for retirement? Maybe there's help

Saving for retirement can be difficult in a workforce full of job hoppers. But as Marketplace's money expert Chris Farrell tells host Kai Ryssdal, there are some things the government can do to make it easier.

Mortgage rates - to refinance or not to refinance?

Mortgage rates have skyrocketed the last few weeks, meaning bad news for anyone who wanted to refinance. Host Tess Vigeland talks to's Greg McBride about how you know when to pull the trigger on something as unpredictable as mortgage rates.
Posted In: Wall Street

Zimbabwe's elections, and a bad economy.

Voters go to the polls today in Zimbabwe for parliamentary elections. Most will not be surprised if President Robert Mugabe's ruling party wins by a wide margin. The opposition has seized on the failing economy as a campaign issue. As Gretchen Wilson reports, even those earning money feel like losers.
Posted In: Canada

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