Marketplace AM for March 28, 2006

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Best theater in London? The budget process

While America and Britain share many cultural traits, Financial Times editor David Wells says their approach to the public sector budget process couldn't be more different.
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What's the price for a human egg?

Fertility clinics routinely pay women thousands of dollars for donating eggs, but if a scientist wants eggs for research -- to create new human stem cells, for instance -- well, that's more complicated. Allan Coukell reports.
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Immigration battle lines are drawn

There's a wide gulf between the sides in the immigration-reform battle. The House has passed legislation that would criminalize illegal immigrants.Today, the Senate debates a bill that includes the immigrant-friendly guest-worker program. Stacey Vanek Smith reports.
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National strike cripples France

Large parts of the French rail, bus and air transport system have been shut down by a national strike. Labor unions are protesting against a new law designed to combat youth unemployment. Stephen Beard reports.
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China storing up US dollars

A Chinese government-owned newspaper says the country now has the biggest currency reserves in the world -- $850 billion and counting. Jocelyn Ford reports.
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Delphi's dilemma

Executives from General Motors and its big parts supplier Delphi will meet with leaders of the United Auto Workers. Delphi is seeking to reach an agreement with the union on deep wage and benefit cuts. Bob Moon reports.


Despite the NYSE's recent acquisition of Archipelago electronic exchange, rival NASDAQ continues to consolidate its position as the dominant electronic trading venue. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Women and Iraqi reconstruction

A delegation of Iraqi business women are in New York this week for a summit.They're sharing stories about how difficult the rebuilding effort has been for them. Judy Martin reports.
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The high price of ethanol

If oil rich nations have us over a barrel, will corn farmers have us over a bushel? Curt Nickisch says higher demand for corn-based ethanol is one reason the price of gas has grown 27 cents this year.

Computer sales slow

A new forecast predicts sales of personal computers will fall over the next couple of years. Dan Grech takes a look at how the industry is likely to respond.

Millions and millions of millionaires

A new report says the United States has reached a record number of millionaires. About 8.9 million households have a net worth of more than $1 million -- not counting the value of their primary home. Janet Babin reports.
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