Marketplace AM for March 24, 2005

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Balancing inflation with interest rates - what's best for you?

A growing number of Federal Reserve leaders think the U.S. should reach a certain rate of inflation before it adjusts interest rates. Host Kai Ryssdal talks to Markteplace's money expert Chris Farrell about the pros and cons of doing so.
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Fighting for better military marriages

At Ft. Campbell, Kentucky, the 2nd battalion air defense artillery regiment is getting ready to go to Iraq again. That means lots of training. But last weekend's assignment was geared toward what the Army calls Building Strong and Ready Families. The battalion's mission - bettering their marriages. From Marketplace's Work and Family Desk, Hillary Wicai reports.

Major League Soccer - a success story

Major League Soccer kicks off its 10th season in a week. Two new teams will be playing this year, and MLS has a $150 million contract with Adidas. New soccer-only stadiums are being built. Commentator David Carter points out this was a league all but written off when it started.

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