Marketplace AM for March 18, 2005

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Life after two years of war in Iraq

Sunday marks the second anniversary of the start of the war on Iraq. For ordinary Iraqis, the war has meant dramatic changes... Both in their personal and economic lives. Borzou Daragahi reports from Baghdad.
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War and economic sacrifice - how Americans view war

This Sunday marks the 2 year anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Out defense efforts haven't been cheap - nearly $500 billion a year. But these days, we generally don't expect to feel much an impact in our daily lives. The American public doesn't equate war with sacrifice, the way it did in the 1940s. So, what happened? Marketplace's Scott Tong reports.

The Job Files!

Time again for a look into the Job Files. Today, we meet a glass eye maker.<br>Ada Lee Halofsky produced today's Job Files.

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