Marketplace AM for June 5, 2007

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Save the ugly, smelly, little fish or else...

It lacks the glamour of dolphins and whales, but at the bottom of the food chain, the lowly Atlantic menhaden might be the most important fish in the sea. Bruce Franklin suggests we get it an agent or maybe a celebrity spokesperson before it dies out.

Options a good deal for companies, too

CEOs of many big corporations get stock options worth millions. But because of a loophole in reporting the deals, the companies can cash in, too. Now the deals are under the gun — John Dimsdale reports.
Posted In: Investing, Taxes, Washington

Coke takes a sip at water conservation

It takes just 2.5 liters of water to make and bottle one liter of Coke, but 250 liters to grow the sugar cane in the mix. The bottling giant announces a new push to save water — but is it enough? Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
Posted In: Canada, Science

Climate change data knocked out of orbit

As President Bush prepares to tout U.S. leadership on reducing greenhouse gas emissions at tomorrow's G8 summit in Germany, there's news the White House is cutting what scientists call an essential tool for studying global warming. Sam Eaton has details.
Posted In: Science

Play it again Starbucks

And again and again. Paul McCartney's latest album debuts today, and Starbucks will be playing the first release from its new Hear Music label at all 10,000-plus coffeehouses all day long. Jeremy Hobson has the story.
Posted In: Entertainment

Gas sign of the times

Some gas station operators are tired of running outside to change the numbers on those towering signs. It's time-consuming, sometimes dangerous, and being slow to match the latest price move can cost 'em big. So they're going digital.
Posted In: Retail

More ups and downs in Shanghai

More volatility on the Chinese stock market today as the Shanghai Composite fell over 7 percent before ending the day up 2.5 percent. Jamil Andolini of the Financial Times says it's a continuation of the slump spurred by last week's stamp tax increase.
Posted In: Canada

Talking over hedge fund regulation

Germany is concerned about the lack of transparency and accountability in the trillion-dollar hedge fund industry, but it's not likely to gain much support even for voluntary regulation at this G8 summit. Kyle James reports.
Posted In: Canada

Nuts & Bolts: Perils of success

Many entrepreneurs told us they didn't know how to handle their own success. What should they do next? Steve Tripoli looks at what went wrong for two startups, and what they could have done differently.

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