Marketplace AM for June 2, 2005

Episode Description 

Euro v. dollar

Is the current political uncertainty in Europe good news for the greenback? Host Kai Ryssdal gets some answers from Marketplace's money expert Chris Farrell.

Under the Influence: what you pay for

Want the world to see things your way? How much money do you have? <a href="">Under the Influence</a> is a four-part series on think tanks and the money behind them. In part one of the Marketplace-<a href="" target="_blank">Economist Magazine</a> special report &quot;Under the Influence,&quot; we look at what one leading conservative got for his investment in a think tank.

Danica Patrick, girl car star

She's young, good looking and drives fast &#151; Danica Patrick, who was fourth at the Indie 500, is winning big with marketers. Host Lisa Napoli talks to Marketplace's Business of Sports commentator David Carter about the new driving force in auto racing.

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