Marketplace AM for July 27, 2006

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Will housing slowdown put brakes on the economy?

The housing market is slowing, but personal finance expert Chris Farrell tells host Scott Jagow, that's not enough to drag down the US economy on its own.

US mayors making good on Kyoto

Hundreds of US mayors have signed on to combat global warming in their cities. Sarah Gardner travels to one small Texas town to see how it is working to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

And the Beige Book says . . .

The Federal Reserve's current report on economic activity shows slowing in half of its 12 regional districts. But it doesn't offer many clues about whether the Fed will raise interest rates next month. Hillary Wicai reports.
Posted In: Washington

Japan resumes US beef imports

US cattlemen can breathe a sigh of relief today. Once the biggest foreign consumer of US beef, Japan has officially ended its ban on imports following a mad cow scare. Dan Grech reports.
Posted In: Canada

US Chamber on the stump

The nation's top business lobby today launches a $10 million ad campaign supporting re-election of pro-business members of Congress. Rachel Dornhelm reports.

Long awaited HD-DVD player hits Japan

The war between the hi-def DVD formats heats up today with the rollout of Toshiba's new HD-DVD recorder. But as Charla Bear reports, the battle might already be won.
Posted In: Science

Questions about Amazon's growth strategy

The online retailer took a beating in the stock market yesterday. It could be an indication investors have waning patience for the company's growth strategy. Jason Paur reports.
Posted In: Science, Wall Street

US company to run UK healthcare?

British healthcare unions have attacked a plan to hire an American medical company to operate the UK's state-run health service. Especially since it's been accused of overcharging in the US. Stephen Beard reports.
Posted In: Canada

India's growing AIDS problem

India's economic growth rate is one of the fastest in the world, over 8% last year. But a new study says that HIV/AIDS will dramatically cut that growth over the next decade. Miranda Kennedy reports.
Posted In: Canada

Venezuela makes a deal with Russia

Oil-rich Venezuela is buying fighter jets and helicopters — from Russia. Chavez says he needs the hardware to defend against a potential US attack. Dan Grech reports.
Posted In: Canada

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