Marketplace AM for January 4, 2005

Episode Description 

Putting a plan into action

United Nations teams have fanned out across the island nation of Sri Lanka to evaluate the damage and the needs of survivors. The UN will use these assessments to come up with a funding appeal for the victims by the end of the week. Miranda Kennedy traveled with a UN team leader on the southern coast of Sri Lanka.

The Year of ... Microcredit?

The United Nations has proclaimed 2005 the Year of Microcredit. What is microcredit, you ask? Marketplace's Alisa Roth tells us. Also, will the Year of Microcredit could be another flash-in-the-pan theme for the UN - like the Year of Eco-Tourism or the Year for Mountains? Commentator Matthew Bishop says Microcredit is a different story. He says it's an idea whose time has come.

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