Marketplace AM for January 3, 2006

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Caught in caste

Reporter Miranda Kennedy recalls how she was pressured into observing India's caste system against her will.

Money and power in Washington

Lobbying efforts on behalf of Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito move into high gear this week. Commentator Jeff Birnbaum argues it's all part of Washington's top private industry: influence-peddling.

The Chinese discover Africa

Growing prosperity in China has translated into growing Chinese tourism to Africa. Terry FitzPatrick reports from Cape Town, South Africa.
Posted In: Canada

Beijing's unhappy new year

The new year isn't getting off to a very good start in China's capital. Today a downtown Beijing highway caved in, smashing a sewage pipe and flooding a subway construction site. To top it off, there's news that Beijing's quality of life ratings have sunk drastically. Jocelyn Ford has more.

Viacom split

Viacom Corporation breaks into two separate entities today. Alisa Roth has the details.

A cold war over natural gas

Eleanor Beardsley looks at how Western European natural gas utilities have coped with reduced supplies from Russia's Gazprom, and what the fallout will be now that Russia has turned the gas back on, under pressure.

Viagra's other benefits

A new study points to the possibility that erectile dysfunction drugs could help improve cognition in Alzheimer's patients. As Helen Palmer reports, the application could help revive flagging sales of ED drugs.
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Iraqi woes

Part of the reason for Iraq's surging gas prices and electricity shortages are the ongoing attacks on the country's energy infrastructure. As Ben Gilbert reports, that's not likely to change any time soon.

IT insecurity

Costly computer security breeches in 2005 have companies thinking about instituting an IT "Lockdown" this year. Janet Babin reports.

Seeing Starz

More film stars are now available with a click of your computer keys. Cable network Starz Entertainment Group launches its movie download service today. Vongo, as it's called, will compete with the Apple iTunes video service. From the Innovations Desk at WUNC, Janet Babin reports.

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