Marketplace AM for January 14, 2005

Episode Description 

Leadership and the European Union

The U.S. has generally set the rules and standards for businesses worldwide. But that may be changing. Next week, the European Parliament begins hearings on new safety measures for chemical companies. The companies would be required to safety-test products they've been making for years.... if they want to sell them in Europe. Marketplace's European bureau chief Stephen Beard reports.

The Mind ... at Work

In our culture, we often find ourselves conditioned to think that blue collar work doesn't require as much brain power as white collar jobs. But author Michael Rose's new book takes those stereotypes to task. He tells host Kai Ryssdal how he came to look at intelligence in a much broader sense.

Award season is underway ... again

The red carpet season gets underway in Hollywood this Sunday. The best of last year's TV and movies will get their time in the spotlight at the 62nd Annual Golden Globe Awards. And industry insiders won't be the only ones paying attention... says entertainment commentator Michael Speier.

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