Marketplace AM for February 7, 2006

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Kicking the oil habit

Commentator Vijay Vaitheeswaran argues that President Bush's call to end America's addiction to oil is a good start... but much more needs to be done.
Posted In: Economy

Haitian elections

Reed Lindsay goes to the streets of Port au Prince to find out what economic issues are foremost in voters' minds ahead of today's presidential election in Haiti.

'Frankenfoods' ruling

The World Trade Organization is expected to rule today on a dispute between Europe and the US over genetically modified foods. Helen Palmer looks at what's at stake.
Posted In: Health

Lawmakers take up the budget

Today, President Bush's budget proposal lands in Congress, where both the House and Senate have scheduled committee hearings to consider it. Eric Niiler has more on how the debate over the President's spending priorities is shaping up.
Posted In: Economy, Science

Manipulating Google

The search engine has banned BMW's German Web site over charges that it attempted to manipulate its search ranking. Janet Babin has more.

AIG settlement

The insurance giant is expected to pay $1.5 billion to federal regulators to settle charges of deceptive accounting. Bob Moon has more.

Gulf drilling

Lawmarkers could introduce new legislation as early as today to open the waters off Florida's Gulf Coast to oil drilling. Sam Eaton has more.

World's biggest cruise ship

Royal Caribbean International has ordered up the world's largest ocean liner. Stacey Vanek-Smith looks at what's behind the move.

India's market surge

Indian shares opened higher today, back into record territory. A day after the benchmark index of the Bombay Stock Exchange charged past the 10,000 mark for the first time, it looks as if the market will close above that mark. Miranda Kennedy has more from New Delhi.
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New French immigration rules

The French government is planning to toughen its immigration rules. The law is similar to some tough restrictions American lawmakers want. But the new law could make it easier for the French to expel anyone who refuses to integrate. From the European Desk in London, Stephen Beard reports.

Toyota cruises along

Toyota is still the world's second biggest automaker, behind GM. But it's #1 in profits. The company made more than $4 billion in the last quarter, up 34% from a year ago. Analysts see continued smooth driving ahead. Janet Babin reports.

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