Marketplace AM for February 25, 2005

Episode Description 

Attention (Chinese) shoppers!

One of the coming of age symbols for a consumer society is the mall. So it's little surprise that the country that aims to be the king of consumers is on a mall-building binge. There are now more than 400 malls and large shopping centers in China, a four-fold increase from a couple of years ago. Marketplace's Jocelyn Ford takes us to the biggest mall of all.

Baseball, Bats, and Bucks

The Yankees are starting spring training with the highest-paid team ever in baseball. How long will Major League Baseball allow the Yankees to outspend everyone else? Host Kay Ryssdal talks to Marketplace's business of sports commentator Michael Knisley about some of the changes we may see in the league this season.

The Oscar game

What's an Oscar worth to a film studio? Enough to spend big bucks campaigning for one. Host Matthew Algeo talks to Variety's Stu Levine about promoting movies for the Academy Awards.

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