Marketplace AM for February 22, 2006

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Animal flyers

Commentator Rudy Maxa looks at the complications of air travelers flying with Fido.

Cross country woes

The US Cross Country Ski Team has been suffering a serious medal drought. Jason Paur looks at how the team is hoping to change its fortunes with a new spending plan.
Posted In: Sports

The IRS wants you

The Internal Revenue Service reports millions of taxpayers are due a refund that will revert back to Uncle Sam if they don't claim the money soon. John Dimsdale reports.
Posted In: Economy

Ballooning health spending

A new report out today predicts that healthcare spending will account for 20% of the GPD by 2015. Helen Palmer reports.
Posted In: Economy, Health

The new shotgun Taser

Despite concerns over deaths linked to their current model of stun gun, the makers of the Taser are unveiling a new shotgun version that can immobilize targets from as far away as 100 yards. Dan Grech has more.

The cost of diabetes

The American Diabetes Association today plans to quantify how much the disease costs employers, and offer recommendations on how businesses can help fight the malady. Alex Cohen reports.
Posted In: Health

Old media awareness blitz

The newspaper and magazine industries are planning a media blitz aimed at stemming the flight of advertisers to other outlets, particularly the Internet. Curt Nickisch reports.

Pharmaceutical goodwill ambassadors

Many sales reps for GlaxoSmithKline will now take on the added duty of goodwill ambassador for the drug industry. Stacey Vanek-Smith has more.
Posted In: Health

German company goes after Spanish utility

The Spanish government is says it will thwart the world's largest takeover bid for a utitlity firm. The German energy group EON has offered $35 billion for the Spanish power company ENDESA. From the European Desk in London, Stephen Beard reports.

Alaskan gas pipeline

The state of Alaska reached a deal yesterday to build a long-sought natural gas pipeline. After a year of negotiations, Exxon Mobil, BP, and Conoco Phillips agreed to pay a 20% tax on their revenues in Alaska if the deal goes forward. Amy Scott reports.

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