Marketplace AM for February 17, 2005

Episode Description 

Who will replace Greenspan?

Fed Chief Alan Greenspan provides more economic testimony to lawmakers on Capitol Hill today. But who will be doing the talking next year when he retires? Marketplace's money guru Chris Farrell talks to host Kai Ryssdal about a couple of likely candidates and what they could offer as head of the Federal Reserve.

Latin America economies heat up

Latin America is seeing its best economic growth in 20 years. In the first of two stories on the region's economic rebound, Marketplace Americas Desk reporter Dan Grech takes us to Argentina where the peso devaluation has created some economic benefits... and consequences.

What fueled the "Go-Go '90s"?

Politicians often take credit when the economy prospers under their watch. But how deserved is it? In the case of the 1990s economic boom, Economist and author Paul London argues it wasn't the government's monetary policies that made the difference. He joins host Matthew Algeo to discuss what really fueled the "Go-Go '90s."

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