Marketplace AM for February 14, 2006

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Alum dating

Some colleges are trying to help alums with their love lives. But as Brett Neely reports, the effort is also about hooking up the colleges with new funding sources.

Mattel's Bob Eckert on what makes a good toy

Toymakers are in New York this week, showing off their wares at the industry's big annual trade show. Kai Ryssdal talks with Mattel CEO Bob Eckert about what makes a good toy, and why such a fun business can be so tough.

NASCAR, meet Harlequin

The racing circuit teams up with the publisher of romance novels to target female NASCAR fans. Brian Watt has more.

Iraq contractor fraud trial

Civil proceedings begin today for a US military contractor charged with bilking the US and Iraqi governments. Eric Niiler reports.

Managing cancer

A new book out says that in the future, cancer will be a manageable disease, not unlike diabetes. But as Helen Palmer reports, managing cancer won't be affordable for everyone.
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Cheaper oil -- say what??

According to a new government report, oil should hit $56 a barrel by 2030. But wait a minute. Isn't oil already above $60 a barrel? Sam Eaton looks at the numbers.

Administration opposes farm subsidies

In a move sure to rankle Farm Belt lawmakers, President Bush called agricultural subsides harmful to small farmers and American competitiveness. Stacey Vanek-Smith has more.

China and Myanmar

Myanmar (or Burma) is not a country the US would do business with. The isolated country in East Asia has endured decades of harsh military rule, which in turn led to wide-ranging US sanctions. But China continues to stand by Myanmar, and today is giving the red-carpet treatment to the country's Prime Minister. From Beijing, Ruth Kirchner reports.

More good times for Big Oil

Times are good for energy companies. Oil's at historic highs. And remember those record billions in profit from Exxon and Shell? Plus, the federal government is about to give companies a $7 billion oil tax writeoff. The New York Times reported today that it would be one of the biggest giveaways of oil and gas in American history. Dan Grech reports.

Dollar doing well

The dollar edged lower today against Asian and European currencies. But despite fears about the US trade deficit, central banks around the world are not dumping US currency. A survey of central bankers published in London shows the dollar remains by far the world's most popular currency. Stephen Beard reports.
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