Marketplace AM for February 10, 2006

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Olympic endorsement deals

Business of sports commentator Diana Nyad looks at which athletes are likely to get big endorsement deals out of this year's Winter Games with Scott Jagow.
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We can't quit "Brokeback Mountain"

Daily Variety editor Michael Speier looks at the phenomenon of "Brokeback Mountain" with host Lisa Napoli.

Turin v. Salt Lake

Can the upcoming Winter Olympics in Turin beat the Salt Lake games in ad revenue? Curt Nickisch has the answer.
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A cable TV cafeteria

The FCC says giving viewers a choice of what channels to include in their cable TV packages is cheaper than provider-selected bundles. Eric Niiler has more.

Roadless lawsuit

The list of Western states suing the Bush administration over plans to open roadless areas in national forests to logging grew to four yesterday when Washington State joined the fray. Sam Eaton looks at what's at stake for the timber and eco-tourism industries.

March of the (high-tech) toys

As children become more sophisticated, the obsolescence cycle of toys becomes faster and faster. Amy Scott looks at how toy manufacturers are responding as they gather in New York this weekend to unveil their new products.

Leaving Neverland

After 32 years of playing Peter Pan on stage, Cathy Rigby hangs up the tights this weekend at the end of her show's six-night run in Austin, Texas. Julie Moody reports on the very adult revenues the show has garnered, and why it's been so successful.

Video games give investors pause on Sudan

Student activists no longer rely on rallies in the quad to pressure investors to pull out of areas of the world they consider repressive. They're using video games to get their point across. And as Jeff Tyler reports, they're coming through loud and clear.

Turin, televised

Tonight in Turin, Italy, is the opening ceremony of the 20th Winter Olympics. The event will be broadcast worldwide via satellite, cable and Internet. As Megan Williams reports, while the city of Turin is putting on the final touches for the tourists, TV broadcasters and viewers are where the real money is.
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That pesky trade deficit

US government figures out later today are expected to show that the trade deficit with China reached a record $200 billion last year. That massive number has led to renewed calls for trade restrictions. Just yesterday, two senators proposed yanking China's normal trade status. From Beijing, Ruth Kirchner says some analysts believe that Americans are misreading the situation.

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