Marketplace AM for December 29, 2005

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Farrell on the housing market

Personal finance expert Chris Farrell previews the 2006 housing market with host Scott Jagow.

Marketing tips

Author and marketing expert Steve Cone talks to host Lisa Napoli about his new book "Steal These Ideas!: Marketing Secrets That Will Make You a Star."

Government telecommunications contract

The government is looking to spend $20 billion to outfit most federal employees with the latest telecommunications gear. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports telecom companies are pulling out the stops to win the contract.

Ski resorts and global warming

The week between Christmas and New Year's is traditionally the busiest of the year for ski resorts. But many aren't just fighting with competitors to stay afloat. They're also fighting a changing climate. Jane Lindholm has more.

Japan grows; China grows faster

Japanese stocks finished the day at their highest level in five years on Thursday. The benchmark Nikkei index climbed almost a full percent - and will likely close out 2005 as its best year since the 1980s bubble. But that isn't stopping the country from losing traction in Asia. A new Lehman Brother report says the economies in the rest of Asia added up are expected to overtake Japan's GDP this year. Jocelyn Ford reports on what's driving the shift.

New York's transit agreement

Transit workers and New York's MTA have reached agreement on a new contract, but does it lay the groundwork for better labor relations in the future, or set the stage for more trouble ahead? Alisa Roth has more.

Superfund's anniversary

This month marks the 25th anniversary of legislation that created the Superfund tax to clean up polluted industrial sites. But as Alex Cohen reports, the fund is currently out of money.

A blow for ExpressJet

The regional airline operator is losing a quarter of the planes it operates for Continental as the legacy carrier tries to boost profits. Janet Babin reports.

Flex plan rush

Eye doctors and dentists are experiencing an end-of-the-year rush of patients, as health care consumers scramble to finish up their flex plan allotments before the year ends. Rachel Dornhelm reports.
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Let's make a deal

It's a big week for white collar plea bargains. In addition to Enron's Richard Causey, Qwest Communications executive Marc Weisberg agreed to plead guilty and help prosecutors nail his former boss, Joseph Nacchio, for insider trading. Plea bargaining is more common than you might realize. From WLRN in Miami, Dan Grech reports.

Hilton and Hilton, together again

Two of the world's biggest hotel groups may be staging a New Year's reunion. Hilton Hotels of America is expected to reunite with Britain's Hilton Group. The two companies went their separate ways 40 years ago. From London, Stephen Beard reports.
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