Marketplace AM for December 23, 2004

Episode Description 

Inflation trends

Yesterday's GDP numbers have some financial experts sweating that inflation is headed our way. Host Cheryl Glaser talks to Marketplace's money guru Chris Farrell for his reading of the economic tealeaves.

Tropical Christmas ...

Folks in Puerto Rico like the smell and the beauty of a freshly-cut Christmas tree just as much as anyone else. But try finding a green Canadian fir in the steamy tropics. It was virtually impossible, until two brothers came up with a nifty idea. From Connecticut Public Radio, Av Harris has their story.

Searching for that perfect wine

Trying to find that perfect bottle of wine for the holidays? Host Lisa Napoli talks to Los Angeles wine store owner Randy Clement about how to pop the cork without blowing your budget.

The Best Gift Ever - John Sayles

In this edition of The Best Gift Ever, we hear from writer and film director John Sayles.

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