Marketplace AM for December 21, 2004

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Choo-choo troubles

The most famous maker of model trains is trying to keep from derailing. 104-year-old Lionel got $60 million in loans this month to stay on track as it reorganizes in bankruptcy. But this holiday season, the industry has more to face before it reaches the end of the tunnel. Marketplace's Scott Jagow reports.

Cyber Santas

Today's kids figure there's got to be a better way to talk to Santa than through snail mail or waiting in long lines at the mall. Marketplace's Brian Watt reports on Santas in Cyberspace.

The tragedy of digital

Families have been buying more digital cameras than traditional ones this year in order to preserve the season's memories. But as commentator Beth Teitell discovered, reminiscing digitally can be a heavy burden.

The Best Gift Ever - Pete Carroll

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