Marketplace AM for December 10, 2004

Episode Description 

Go north, go north

Hundreds of despondent Kerry voters in Seattle, San Francisco and LA came this week to explore "The Canadian Option." That's the name of a seminar put on by a Vancouver BC immigration law firm that's capitalizing on the rush by some Americans fed up with the Bushadministration. From KPLU public radio in Seattle, Bellamy Pailthorp reports.

Miss Manners goes to Germany

In Germany, unemployment is stuck at 10 percent. The country's pension and health systems are in trouble. High wage costs are sending jobs abroad. But, what's really weighing of the minds of many Germans are things like which fork one uses for the salad? Or how does one excuse oneself to go to the bathroom during a meeting? Teaching etiquette has become one of the few growth industries in Germany. Kyle James reports from Berlin.

The Job Files: Securities Regulator

You've heard a lot about Eliot Spitzer of late. The New York Attorney General is credited with cleaning up everything from Wall Street investment banks to mutual funds to the insurance industry. From the Job Files today, meet one of Spitzer's top lieutenants - The securities regulator. Produced by Amy Scott.

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