Marketplace AM for August 9, 2007

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Text 'til you drop

Text-messaging has leapt over the wall of teen obsession and into the hands of the general consumer public, so some retailers are taking advantage of the technology to lure consumers to their stores. Ambar Espinoza explains.
Posted In: Retail, Science

Inflation? No, it's the Bernanke Squeeze

Chris Farrell suspects all that Fed talk about inflation is just a cover, an excuse to keep interest rates at current levels because it doesn't want to bail Wall Street investment banks out of the mess they created... and heavily profited from.
Posted In: Economy, Wall Street

Johnson & Johnson seeing red

The American Red Cross and Johnson & Johnson have worked with the same symbol for over 100 years on a pact that the Red Cross not use it commercially. Now J&J is suing the relief organization for displaying the symbol on its retail products. Jeremy Hobson reports.
Posted In: Health

Cutting Godiva from their diet

Apparently the folks at Campbell's aren't buying into the whole "chocolate is good for you" theory. The company plans to sell off the Belgian chocolate maker because it doesn't fit its new wellness-focused image. Stephen Beard reports.

Fishing for ways to fight malaria

The malaria parasite's become increasingly resistant to drugs, so researchers in Kenya have a new approach: Stock ponds with Nile Tilapia. The fish eat malaria-carrying mosquito larvae. People can eat the fish... if they want to. Helen Palmer has more.
Posted In: Canada, Health

Lumps of coal worth more these days

As Asian economies continue to develop at breakneck speeds, so grows their need for power. Coal exporters worldwide are scrambling to keep up with demand, and that's pushing coal prices to record highs, but not everywhere. Sam Eaton explains.

Russia has eyes for Iraq's oil

Iraq might be ready to do some big-time oil trading with Russia to make good on old debts. But first the two nations would have to figure out the not-small issue of security in Iraq. Lisa Napoli reports.
Posted In: Canada

Now Africa needs microsaving

Women make up 80 percent of Africa's subsistence farmers and food traders, but most have nowhere to save what little money they earn. One group has an idea to help change that: an African women's bank. Gretchen Wilson has details.
Posted In: Canada

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