Marketplace AM for April 7, 2005

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Companies open their books for earnings season

It's earnings season again. How good are you at reading between the numbers? Marketplace's money guru Chris Farrell joins host Kai Ryssdal to talk about some of the things you should watch for as companies open up their books.
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Bankruptcy and credit counseling - will new rules work?

Sometime in the next couple weeks, Congress is expected to approve legislation that will radically change bankruptcy laws. Among other new provisions, those looking for debt relief under the new law would be required to undergo some type of credit counseling at least 6 months before they're allowed to file for bankruptcy protection. Marketplace's Hillary Wicai takes a look at the intent behind the proposal and why some are concerned.

Golf's growth spurt could cause problems

The Masters golf tournament starts today in Augusta. Keeping track of all of the PGA tournaments isn't easy these days as the list of events continues to expand. As Marketplace's Business of Sports analyst David Carter tells host Tess Vigeland, that growth spurt may have to be addressed soon.

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