Marketplace AM for April 18, 2005

Episode Description 

Leaving Boston

Last week we got word The Atlantic Monthly is moving the last of its staff out of Boston -- where it's been since 1857. It's yet another blow to Boston's business community, which has lost some big-name companies to outsiders in recent years. Boston-based giants like Fleet Bank, John Hancock and Gillette all have new homes now. What happens when so many businesses pack-up and leave the town that made them famous? From Boston, reporter Monica Brady-Myerov takes a look.

Hard Sell

Imagine for just a second you're twenty five years old with a trunk-full of prescription drugs in your car.Nothing illegal here. You're a pharmaceutical drug rep...going door to door trying to convince doctors to use your products. Jamie Reedy wrote about his experiences selling Viagra...and himself a little his book...Hard Sell.

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