Marketplace AM for April 14, 2005

Episode Description 

How's that housing market

Are housing prices around the country about to plunge? Marketplace's money expert Chris Farrell tells host Scott Jagow while the country may not experience a pop in the housing bubble, we can expect a good-sized leak.

Private account buy-in hasn't sold-out

The White House has been lobbying hard for partially privatizing Social Security. But, as Marty Goldensohn reports, America doesn't seem to be buying it.

Don't fear the tax returns

With Tax Day less than 24 hours away (Friday), the Internal Revenue Service is battening down the hatches for an onslaught of tax returns. Host Tess Vigeland talks to IRS Commissioner Mark Everson about life at the IRS around tax time.

Best Deduction Ever

The Parakeet.

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