Marketplace Money for March 12, 2005

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Marketplace Money for March 12, 2005

The "Straight Story" with Chris Farrell: "Nay" on the Bankruptcy Bill

It's time once again for economics editor Chris Farrell is to help you sort out what's smart, what's stupid and what's the Straight Story. This week, Mr. Farrell goes to Washington. He votes "nay" on the Bankruptcy Bill.

From the Money Matters Desk: Retiring Retirement

Howard and Marika Stone are book authors, public speakers, and retirement experts. They're also part of the 60-plus set who have shunned leisure in favor of work. On this week's Money Matters -- our regular look on how to improve your bottom line -- the Stones' offer retirement planning for people who don't want to slow down.
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Reinventing Retirement

This week, a four-part series with public radio's business program "Marketplace." It's called Reinventing Retirement. Special Correspondent Jo Giese traveled to Wyoming for our story. That state's quickly graying population gives us a glimpse of what's down the road for the rest of the country, as baby boomers start to retire. We'll meet Rick and Sharon Olsen. Retired and in their 60s, they'd rather work a farm in snowy rural Buffalo than lounge on a beach in Florida. And we'll hear from Governor Dave Freudenthal, who's trying to get the state's employers and policymakers to see retirees as a "new natural resource" rather than a burden.
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"Day in the Work Life": Record Shop Owner

These days you can fit your whole music collection in pocket-sized, digital gadgets. But remember when musical high-tech consisted of a needle dropped on a whirling slab of vinyl? On this week's 'A Day In the Work Life'...our regular look at how folks trade time for money...we go ol' school with a record shop owner.
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The "Buzzword": Consumption Tax

Life is hard enough without having to decipher everything. Each week, Sound Money brings you a word or a phrase that has bubbled to the top of the news. For instance - "Consumption Tax." You hear it, you see it, but do you really know it?
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Mailbag for March 12, 2005

Our economics editor Chris Farrell answers more of your burning money questions. This week: advice on requesting a fraud alert, investing money in your teens, protecting an invention, and buying disability insurance.

Secrets, Lies and Money

Money Magazine's Ellen McGirt reveals the secrets we keep and the lies we tell to our spouses about money.

Minimum Meyham

The Senate shot down a minimum wage increase earlier in the week. Slate's Daniel Gross does a post-mortem.
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401K Woes

This weekend, President Bush is on the road selling his Social Security proposal. The president's plan - have people manage part of their retirement accounts privately. But a new study suggests we don't even understand the basics behind an existing retirement system - the work-sponsored 401 (k). What does this mean for Social Security? Marketplace's Matthew Algeo reports.
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