Marketplace Money for Friday, May 27, 2011

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Marketplace Money for Friday, May 27, 2011

What's in your wallet, Katharine Terry?

A senior in Alabama carries in her wallet a make-up relic that most people under 50 would not recognize.

Financial behavior on a napkin: The rear-view mirror

Carl Richards gives us another napkin drawing about how our natural impulse to base future decisions on past performance leads to accidents.
Posted In: Investing

Copyrighted material staying up on YouTube

There's a lot of creative content on YouTube, some of it copyrighted. But instead of blocking that content, copyright holders increasingly prefer making money.

Remember sunscreen -- and your health insurance

The White House is reaching out to young adults to make sure as many 20-somethings get health insurance as possible.
Posted In: Health

Generation Y is more financially responsible than you think

Older generations knock young adults for being irresponsible. But Kimberly Palmer of the U.S. News and World Report argues that 20-somethings really are responsible.
Posted In: Personal Finance

Getting Personal: Overseas education, selling your condo

Tess Vigeland and David Lazarus of the L.A. Times answer questions about how to pay for an overseas education and what to consider before selling a condo.
Posted In: Personal Finance

Illinois citizens feel squeezed by state tax hikes

Illinois is trying to decrease its $13 billion deficit with tax increases. One citizen understands the need to close the deficit, but says the taxes have pinched her budget significantly.
Posted In: Taxes

Car-sharing matches unused cars with people who need them

Need a set of wheels, but don't want to commit to car payments? A couple of new Bay Area companies are connecting non-car owners with vehicles that are sitting unused in someone else's garage.

Financial readiness for military service members

A certified financial planner with the USAA talks about the unique challenges military men and women face, and how to confront them.
Posted In: Personal Finance

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