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This weekend, we're talking about what we spend our money on, what we save it for, and who we give it to. More than 88 percent of households in the U.S. donate to charity, but all that money may not be going where you think it is. We offer a look at America's worst charities. Plus, how important is mindful consumption to you? We speak with two consumers who put their money where their morals are. Also, what's the cost of helping your kids stand out? Some parents are willing to spend anything. We explore the costs and benefits of investing in kids. And for the bargain shoppers: More dollar stores are popping up everywhere these days. But what's a good buy for a buck and what's not? Finally, a letter encouraging financial independence from a dad to his son in honor of Father's Day.

The worst charities: Get information before you make a donation

A new investigative report reveals that many popular charities Americans give to generously actually don't help the causes they claim to raise money for.
Posted In: Charity, giving, philanthropy

Middle-class parents weigh the costs of getting their kids ahead

Is spending to give your kids a leg-up worth it? How much would you be willing to sacrifice?
Posted In: consumer behavior, children, middle class

Calculating the cost of getting kids to college

Helping your kids to stand out in the eyes a college admissions officer takes a lot -- usually that means a lot of money. But before you spend beaucoup bucks on private tutors and athletic coaching, do a quick cost-benefit analysis of whether those investments will really pay off.
Posted In: spending, children

Dollar store deals: The do's and don'ts

Are you a dollar store deal hunter? Turns out, even though the products are only a buck, they're not always good buys.
Posted In: dollar store, dollar, Deals

Inside the minds of mindful consumers

Mindful consumers put their money where their morals are, but it's not an easy task for those with limited financial resources as two of our listeners reveal.
Posted In: consumer behavior, mindful consumption

Dear Son: A father's financial wisdom

New Jersey CPA Tom Corley, author of the book "Rich Habits," graciously shared the words of wisdom he gave to his son about how to achieve financial independence.
Posted In: father's day, letter

Millennials face uncertain future with part-time work

Many of America's 8 million underemployed are young -- of the Millennial generation -- and they are just getting by by working several part-time gigs at a time.
Posted In: Jobs, graduate debt, millennials, unemployement

Writing a better college essay

Parents spend a lot of money to help their kids get into college. But students also have to write a great admissions essay. We've got some tips on helping your college admissions essay stand out.
Posted In: applying to college

Worth It or Not? Create a poll and find out

From cameras to houses to children, it can be hard to know if we are making the best choices with our money when we buy things. Our new poll game helps you decide: is it worth it? Find out how to use it.

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