Marketplace Money for Friday, February 21, 2014

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This weekend on Marketplace Money, guest host David Lazarus talks to Erin Lowry of about how students are paying more in student loans than they did just four years ago, and how the debt affects other aspects of their lives. Also, David Lazarus takes a look at why people should read the fine print of the terms and conditions of consumer goods and services if they want to protect their wallet. Rene Alegria, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mamiverse, a digital platform devoted to Latina moms and their families, tells us how his upbringing and family affect how he views money today. David Lazarus answers listener questions along with personal finance expert Farnoosh Torabi, and he talks to Lisa Gerstner of Kiplinger about how to complain the right way in order to get what you want. Digital producer Raghu Manavalan updates David Lazarus on what’s happening on social media and we take a look at airline fees: Why they exist and how to avoid them.

A quick finance guide for millennials

Student debt affects other aspects of young people’s lives like buying a home, what do you do?
Posted In: millennial, student loan, advice, Personal Finance

Affording the friendly skies: Avoiding airline fees

Booking your next vacation means dealing with airlines ... and their fees. After you spend a pretty penny on the ticket, there are all sorts of charges for extra comforts like an in-flight snack, a few extra inches of legroom ... you name it!
Posted In: Airlines, fees, airline fees, Travel

How to effectively complain to get what you want

Stuck on hold with customer service? Have this gameplan, first.
Posted In: customer service, complaining

Family finance lessons: Mamiverse CEO Rene Alegria

Rene Alegria's grandfather teaches him how to save for a rainy day
Posted In: Family finance lessons, advice, latino, Hispanic, family

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