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Lisa Shalett, the chief investment officer of Merrill Lynch, says the recent upward tragectory in the markets is due to a mixture of "surprise" and "relief." Surprise at the resilience of the U.S. economy, and relief that Europe is looking is no longer on the brink of collapse. Many market watchers have been touting equities during this run up, and Shalett is no exception. The Pulse slowed today on news that fewer Americans are quitting their jobs. It turns out “churn," is actually a sign of a healthy job market.

Low job ‘churn’ hurting economic recovery

Risk-averse Americans are less and less willing to quit their jobs in pursuit of a better fit.
Posted In: Jobs, employment, churn

Markets rise on 'surprise and relief'

With investors feeling emboldened by a strengthening world economy, markets have steadily climbed since October.
Posted In: Europe debt crisis, stock market

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