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Calling out Fannie Mae on earnings

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is investigating whether Fannie Mae bought mortgages based on overblown appraisals. Steve Tripoli reports investors will be asking questions over a conference call.
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Will economy keep rolling or blow a tire?

While the Fed is cutting interest rates to ward off an economic slowdown, the latest GDP numbers are strong -- a seeming schizophrenia that has markets jumping around. But many economists have an explanation that encompasses all the numbers. Steve Tripoli reports.
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More safety measures for mines

Despite Congress passing a mine-safety bill a year ago, the United States still lags other nations in safety measures. Steve Tripoli reports on the new rules Congress is considering.
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Countrywide shares jump on CEO's news

Despite Countrywide's $1.2 billion loss in the 3rd quarter, its CEO says the black ink is about to start flowing again. That word sent its shares soaring. Steve Tripoli reports on whether people bidding up those shares are drinking more than their share of the Kool-Aid.
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It's the BETTER Business Bureau

What could be a more straightforward brand than the Better Business Bureau? For some, though, the BBB's become the place to go to complain about business. So it's launched a nationwide campaign to let people know it does some other things, too. Steve Tripoli reports.
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New news group, old ethics debacle

Billionaires Herbert and Marion Sandler are starting a news organization dedicated entirely to investigative journalism. But Steve Tripoli reports where Pro Publica may already hit a conflict of interest.
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Homeowners: Be more concerned

A nationwide survey of homeowners with adjustable-rate mortgages shows only a small percentage are worried about impending trouble. Steve Tripoli reports there may be a dangerous knowledge gap at work.
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Come travel through time to ARM future

Over the next year or so millions of adjustable rate mortgages will recalibrate to higher interest rates. We asked Steve Tripoli to climb into the Marketplace time machine with the dials set for, say, next August and give us tomorrow's news today.
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R.I.P. for AMT

Republicans and Democrats agree -- the Alternative Minimum Tax must go. But while Republicans have unveiled a plan to eliminate it, Democrats say it should just be replaced. Steve Tripoli reports.
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Forget the next iPod, think Viagra

Discoveries that win the Nobel Prize can lead to extraordinarily lucrative consumer products. But how do the researchers who make the discoveries make sure they get part of the profit? Steve Tripoli looked into it.
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