Steve Chiotakis was a host of Marketplace Morning Report until January 2012

Chiotakis’ award-winning career began after finishing high school in the late 80s. He started at a country radio station in Birmingham, Alabama, moving around the state  progressing to public radio at WBHM. Chiotakis has experience serving as news anchor, reporter and news director. His reporting has been featured on CBS Radio, NBC, CBC, the BBC and NPR.

Chiotakis has been honored by The Public Radio News Directors, Incorporated more than a half dozen times with awards for feature reporting, writing and call-in show. In 2001, Chiotakis was a recipient of the prestigious national Edward R. Murrow Award for writing.


Features by Steve Chiotakis

Is the American Dream really disappearing?

We asked Gallup's editor-in-chief Frank Newport about whether Americans are pessimistic about the future, and how that compares to Americans of decades past.
Posted In: American dream, Gallup

Will Slovakia pose another threat to the EU?

Slovakia was a big opponent of the recent vote to extend the Greek bailout package. How will it react to plans to change treaties in the eurozone?
Posted In: Europe debt crisis, Slovakia

Unemployment rate falls in metro areas

The unemployment rate in a number of cities fell in November, most notably in the Rust Belt.
Posted In: Unemployment, Rust Belt, midwest, cities

Study: Corporations skimp on state, local taxes

Matt Gardner discusses why cutting taxes to attract corporations doesn't really make sense.
Posted In: Corporate Tax Cuts, Taxes, tax loopholes

Mid-day Extra: Do theme parks depend on Harry Potter?

An announcement is expected today that Universal Studios Hollywood will open a Harry Potter attraction, following the success of the Orlando location.
Posted In: harry potter, theme parks, Universal Studios

Some businesses will feel the sting from USPS cuts

Businesses like Netflix depend on same-day mail delivery, but the U.S. Postal Service will feel tough budget cuts in the coming months that might put a damper on such efficiency.
Posted In: U.S. Postal Service

Have austerity measures worked in Ireland?

Ireland was bailed out a year ago, and it is now facing another round of austerity measures. How are the Irish people faring in these stricter conditions?
Posted In: Ireland, Ireland bailout, austerity, Europe debt crisis

Italians react to Mario Monti's austerity plan

After months of protest, it appears Italians may finally be ready to work with the government to fix the nation's crumbling economy.
Posted In: Europe debt crisis, italy, Mario Monti

Mid-day Extra: Do malls still matter?

The list of the top five malls in America was recently released. But with booming online shopping sales, are malls still relevant?
Posted In: shopping, holiday shopping, Malls

Can NC-17 movies make it at the box office?

Amy Kaufman discusses the challenges movies face with a NC-17 rating.
Posted In: NC-17, movies, racy


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