Based in London, Stephen Beard reports for the entire Marketplace portfolio providing daily coverage of Europe’s business and economic developments.

When asked what he most enjoys about his work, he answers simply, “Travel.” Over the past two years, he produced a series of features on the European debt crisis, reported from the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, the World Economic Forum in Davos, and various locations in Greece, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

Stephen has spent four decades in radio. Before joining Marketplace in 1993, he worked for 20 years as a BBC staffer and freelance reporter, in addition to time with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and with commercial broadcasting stations in Manchester, England, and Victoria, British Columbia. His reporting has taken him throughout North America and Europe, as well as the Middle East, China, Australia, Malaysia and India.

Stephen holds a prestigious Clarion Award for his report on the death of U.S. politician Ron Brown; a National Federation of Community Broadcasters Golden Reel award for a series on modern-day slavery; and a New York Festivals Silver World Medal for his series on the changing face of Eastern Europe.

Stephen is a graduate of the University of Leeds, with an honors degree in Law. When Stephen isn’t working, he enjoys reading biographies and tending his small farm outside London, which includes 110 ewes, one very noisy cockerel and an elderly, non-laying hen. In addition to his impressive journalism CV, he has also worked as a deep-sea fisherman and a bingo caller.



Features by Stephen Beard

Catalans fly the flag for independence on National Day.

Catalonia's regional vote sparks concerns across Spain

Elections Sunday in the prosperous region could trigger a political crisis.
Posted In: spain, Catalonia, separatism

Catalonia prepares for crucial vote Sunday

Some candidates want independence from Spain.
Posted In: spain, Catalonia, separatism, Europe
Radical left Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras greets his supporters during party's main pre-election rally in central Athen's Syntagma square, on Friday.

Greece prepares for general election Sunday

Many Greeks are frustrated by a still-weak economy.
Posted In: Greece, Europe debt crisis, greekcrisis, Greek
Migrants try to enter inside the Eurotunnel site to attempt to reach Britain, in Coquelles near Calais, northern France, on July 31, 2015.

The UK is under pressure to take more refugees

Cameron has been firmly refusing to open the doors wider, but that might change.
Posted In: migrants, refugees, United Kingdom

London's luxury housing mirrors NYC's upscale push

Low income housing is being demolished for high-end developments.
Posted In: affordable housing, London, gentrification

London property boom fueled by dubious funds

Real estate bought with laundered money is pushing out London's working class.
Posted In: London, gentrification, Britain, real estate

Athens stock exchange reopens

...and it has promptly plunged by more than 22 percent.
Posted In: greekcrisis, athens, Eurozone, Greece, Greek
The euro was introduced into the Greek economy 15 years ago.

Many Germans and Greeks disillusioned with euro

Public sentiment towards the euro has changed over the years.
Posted In: greekcrisis, Greeks, Greece, euro, Germany
Migrants walk alongside vehicles on the route leading to the Eurotunnel in Coquelles on Wednesday. One man died in a desperate attempt to reach England via the Channel Tunnel as overwhelmed authorities fought off hundreds of migrants, prompting France to

Migrants risk all to get into Britain

9 have died in the attempt, while thousands of others disrupt trade and traffic.
Posted In: migrants, Britain, France, illegal immigration, Calais
A European Union flag and the Union Jack hang in front of the European Union's headquarters.

Exit Grexit, enter Brexit. Could the UK quit the EU?

Many Brits are unhappy with Europe, maybe enough to vote for leaving the union.
Posted In: Grexit, Brexit, UK, Europe, European Union, greekcrisis


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