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Globalist Quiz: Major budget adjustment

Stephen Richter of asks which of these economies will have to adjust its budget the most to get back to a sustainable debt level: Italy, Spain, the U.K. or the U.S.?

Which country uses up the most coal?

Globalist Quizmaster Stephan Richter asks: Which country is the most dependent on coal? (Hint: It's not China).

Marketplace Globalist Quiz: Insurance

In 10 years time, what will a U.S. family pay in health insurance in a given year? Quizmaster Stephan Richter quizzes Bill Radke.
Posted In: Health

Youth in ____ face highest jobless rate

Which country faces the highest unemployment rate among its population that is below 25 years of age? Stephan Richter of quizzes Steve Chiotakis.
Posted In: Jobs

Which country sleeps the least?

Which industrialized country's citizens spend the least amount of time asleep per night? Stephan Richter of quizzes Bill Radke.
Posted In: Health

Who makes more: U.S. or foreign docs?

How much do U.S. doctors make compared to docs in other rich countries? Stephan Richter of quizzes Bill Radke, and also lets us know how much U.S. specialists make compared to their patients.
Posted In: Health

Less junk food consumption in the U.S.?

Which junk food has seen its consumption decrease the most among U.S. children? Stephan Richter of quizzes Bill Radke, and also shares some good news about Americans' junk food intake.
Posted In: Health

Germany facing economic woes, too

Germans' confidence in their economy -- Europe's largest -- has plummeted with second-quarter performance actually shrinking. What could be the impact on Europe and the U.S.? Stephen Beard reports.
Posted In: Economy


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