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Quiz: Which organizations change leadership the least?

Which has had fewer leadership changes in the last 100 years: The Catholic Church or General Electric?
Posted In: General Electric, Catholic church, ceo

Quiz: How many workers live on $1.25 a day?

How many of the world's 3.1 billion workers live on just $1.25 per day -- the global poverty line as defined by the World Bank?
Posted In: poverty, global economy, working poor

Global Corruption Quiz: Which countries are best and worst?

When it comes to public sector corruption, which of the BRIC countries -- Brazil, Russia, India, and China -- ranks the best and the worst?
Posted In: corruption, Russia, China, India

Which country depends most on exports?

Find out which country exports 56 percent of its GDP each year.
Posted In: exports, South Korea, China, Germany

Globalist Quiz: Poverty in America versus the rest of the world

With nearly 50 million Americans living beneath the poverty line, we put poverty into perspective with today's quiz.
Posted In: quiz, poverty

Globalist Quiz: The high price of natural disasters

Three months after 'Superstorm' Sandy ripped through the Northeast, the Senate has approved $50 billion in emergency relief. The high cost of natural disasters is the subject of today's quiz.
Posted In: quiz, Hurricane Sandy, natural disasters

How does the U.S. stack up on economic growth?

When it comes to economic growth, is the U.S. more like China or like Europe?
Posted In: economic growth, GDP

How does the U.S. stack up on income inequality?

When it comes to income inequality is the United States more like Iran or France?
Posted In: income inequality

The record of peace in the European Union

The European Union, and the euro -- for all its faults -- has been credited with keeping the continent relatively peaceful of late. And European peace is the subject of our quiz this morning.
Posted In: European Union, Nobel Prize, war, quiz

The future of the global car market

What would the world's roads look like if countries like China and India caught up with the United States?
Posted In: car, China, energy


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