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Time Warner customers: Are you ready for no football?

The scheduled start of the NFL football season on Sept. 5 is putting pressure on Time Warner Cable and CBS to negotiate a deal giving cable customers access to the network's programs.
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Colleges give largest grants to wealthiest students

More federal grants are going to low-income students, but colleges are giving more institutional aid to students who are better off.
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Parents pick up more of the tab for public schools

Back-to-school shopping isn’t quite what it used to be. Public schools struggling under more budget cuts are making requests that go far beyond what you can fit into a backpack.
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Earlier start dates pit state fairs vs. schools

Tourism industry leaders say early school start dates cut into attendance and revenues at state fairs and other summer events.
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How the price of corn matters

Corn prices are down more than 40 percent from last year's highs.
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Priceline stock flight and the dot-com bubble

The share price of discount travel site Priceline has reached the same altitude it was at during the dot-com boom.
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After BP spill, Transocean remains pioneer

The offshore-drilling giant Transocean is tied in with BP in the public imagination because of its involvement in the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe.
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Solar panel maker survives by creating its own market

First Solar, Inc., has branched out into planning and building large-scale solar power. That strategy has helped the American company rise above plummeting prices for solar panels.
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Why only a third of our trash is being recycled

More than 40 years after the “Crying Indian” campaign encouraged Americans to stop pollution, a new "Keep America Beautiful" hopes to boost recycling.
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Why the market won't supply lethal injection drugs to Texas

Texas and other states face shortages of drugs used in execution. But that demand isn't yielding a new supply.
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