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Job market not fair to job fair market

With the unemployment rate in the U.S. climbing ever higher, it would seem like a good time to be in the job fair business. But job fair producers are hurting for money, even with attendance up. Renita Jablonski reports.
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Online job sites working longer hours

Traffic is up for a new wave of online job Web sites, particularly those set to help retired workers re-enter the job market. Renita Jablonski talks to retirees who are sifting through the listings.
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Layoffs bad news for apartment rentals

Unemployment reports are daunting to building owners, as job losses mean fewer rentals. Renita Jablonski explores the correlation between joblessness and a growing number of apartment vacancies.
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In market, psychology beats economics

Worries about earnings may have been one big trigger in the market slowdown. But despite fears real and projected, National City's Richard De Kaser tells Renita Jablonski he thinks the recession will be a modest one.

Asian markets fear global recession

Asian markets all closed in the red today. Renita Jablonski looks into why with Scott Tong in Shanghai, who blames fears of a global recession and explains why investors can no longer rely on emerging markets.

The bailout is not the end of capitalism

Americans are trying to wrap their heads around the government pouring billions of dollars into U.S. banks. Fortune Magazine's Allan Sloan told Renita Jablonski that it doesn't mean an end to the capitalist system.

OPEC meeting over serious oil concerns

Oil prices dropped below $70 a barrel yesterday, something that hasn't been seen in over a year. Now, OPEC will meet next week to consider a production cut. Renita Jablonski talks to Stephen Beard in London.

Fed rate cut addresses global crisis

The U.S. Federal Reserve just teamed up with several other central banks for a coordinated rate cut. The Fed slashed its key rate by half a percentage point. Renita Jablonski explores the move with economist Peter Morici.

Britain's bank rescue a different plan

The British government announced its move to help the country's banking system by incorporating $90 billion of taxpayers' money. Stephen Beard tells Renita Jablonski why this bucks the trend of government policy.

E.U. does what other countries do

The E.U. is responding to the financial crisis by going the route of guaranteeing bank accounts -- soon after criticizing other countries for the same move. Renita Jablonski mulls over the move with Stephen Beard


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