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Pay plan helps Indians fit into Levis

In India a pair of Levis is a symbol of wealth. Raymond Thibodeaux reports getting the jeans is about to become easier for millions of Indians who can buy them on installment.
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A new class of 'Ugly Indian' travelers

Tourists from the U.S. carry a bad rap for being the loud, obnoxious, "Ugly American." But as more Indians can afford to travel abroad, they're developing their own tourist notoriety. Raymond Thibodeaux reports.
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Trade issues drive China, India apart

India and China are becoming increasingly influential in world trade, but relations between the two countries may be souring. Raymond Thibodeaux reports.

Ford driving up operations in India

Ford's sales are sluggish at home, so the automaker is ramping up its operations abroad in countries like India. Raymond Thibodeaux reports.
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Skin cream fairly profitable in India

India's launch of Fair & Handsome skin-lightening cream three years ago has started a boom for male grooming products throughout the country. Raymond Thibodeaux explores the link between status and lighter skin and how it translates to profits.
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Indian CEOs don't mess with eclipse

India's culture is very sensitive to the effect the cosmos can have on business decisions. So as a solar eclipse blocked out the sun today in many parts of Asia, business leaders proceeded with caution. Raymond Thibodeaux reports.

Wal-Mart brings its 'Best Price' to India

The American superstore just opened its doors in Northern India, under the name 'Best Price Modern Wholesale.' Its arrival signals the retail giant's effort to cash in on one of the world's fastest-emerging consumer markets. Raymond Thibodeaux reports.
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Jobless Indian youth stir up extremism

Many of the youth in Indian tech hub Bangalore are resorting to violent, extremist measures to sway the population. Experts say much of their reasoning comes not from religious views, but economic hardship. Raymond Thibodeaux reports.
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Indian boomtowners are packing heat

The Indian town of Gurgaon is home to big international companies like IBM and Microsoft. But with big success also comes lawlessness and a rise in personal gun ownership. Raymond Thibodeaux reports.

H-1B workers stuck in home countries

The H-1B visa program allows skilled foreign workers to get jobs in the U.S. But many workers are having a hard time renewing their visas because of security checks. Raymond Thibodeaux reports from New Delhi.
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