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Social change in India

India is slowly dismantling its deeply entrenched caste system. Miranda Kennedy has the story of one Untouchable who's bucked the constraints of social hierarchy.
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India's digital divide, part 2

India's growing call center industry offers help with computers and Internet use, but relatively few Indians have access to that technology themselves. But as Miranda Kennedy reports, that's starting to change.
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India's digital divide

Last year only four million Indians bought PCs. This from a country of over a billion. Companies from Intel to Motorola are looking for ways to boost technology use among the millions of India's poor. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Wedding feasts outlawed in Pakistan

Big, costly weddings are all the rage in Pakistan. So much so that the government dusted off an old law to crack down on the new extravagance it sees as a social problem. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Taking the wealth home

Pakistan's economy has been booming since 9/11. The reason? Many wealthy Pakistanis living abroad chose to return fearing harassment abroad. Miranda Kennedy reports from Islamabad.
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Illicit trade in camel jockeys

Miranda Kennedy reports that for Pakistani boys forced to work as camel jockeys in the Middle East, life is still tenuous once they return to their home country.
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India hikes gas prices

Unable to afford continued gasoline subsidies, the Indian government today raised prices at the pump. Miranda Kennedy has the story.
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Toxic ships

Miranda Kennedy reports on one of India's most hazardous jobs: ship scrapping.

Black Monday fallout

Miranda Kennedy reports on the mood of Indian and foreign investors one day after India's "Black Monday" stock sell-off.
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More H1B visas on the table

The immigration debate has focused on illegal, unskilled labor, but the Senate bill also includes a plan to allow more skilled foreign workers into the US. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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