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India's mine safety worsens

The search is on today in India for 53 miners trapped after an explosion. Mine safety is a big problem, and India's fast-growing economy isn't helping. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Farmers in India struggle

Cities in India are booming but desperation in rural areas is growing. In the state of Maharastra, over 600 farmers have committed suicide this year so far. Miranda Kennedy reports from New Delhi.
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Preventing piracy on the high seas

Pirates attacked over 250 ships off the coasts of Asia and Africa last year. Today an agreement goes into effect to try to combat the modern-day outlaws equipped with ship-tracking systems and machine guns. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Asia's working poor

A new study from the International Labor Organization warns that even though Asia is growing fast economically, it hasn't created enough quality jobs. Miranda Kennedy explains.
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War-torn Kabul's first 5-star hotel

The Taliban has regained a foothold in many parts of Afghanistan, and security has worsened. But amid the violence, a few determined investors have given life to Kabul's first luxury hotel — and a symbol of hope. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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GM taking second-hand cars to India

General Motors in India is getting into a new side of the auto business: used car sales. Right now GM cars only account for 2% of the Indian market, but the company has big plans there. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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A poorly-reconstructed Afghanistan

As Afghanistan rebuilds from war, funding deadlines and deliverables targets are having the unintended consequence of shoddy workmanship. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Signing on with ASEAN?

Asian leaders want to fast-track plans to create a single Asian economic market in the next 10 years — and the US wants to be sure it's not left out. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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India's going online

The US has more Internet users than any country in the world, but India is outpacing the States in growth. A new study says number of people using the Web has grown faster in India than China, Japan and Germany too. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Coke, Pepsi fizzling in India?

Nine Indian states have banned Coke and Pepsi sales over allegations that they contain pesticides. The soda giants insist their Indian products are safe to drink. And many consumers seem to agree, Miranda Kennedy reports.
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