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India hoping for nuclear nod

A controversial bill in the U.S. Congress would recognize India as a nuclear weapon state for the first time. Passage is uncertain but many U.S. companies are hoping it goes through. Miranda Kennedy explains.
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Overtaxed in India

A new study says India has the world's most burdensome tax laws — and that's not good for business, Miranda Kennedy reports from New Delhi.
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Bridging India's digital divide

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer arrives in India today to push some different ideas about corporate social responsibility — and a smart long-term business plan. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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In pursuit of India's wireless market

Motorola is trying to do some damage control in India after losing a $5 billion bid for wireless phone lines there. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Guest worker problems in Malaysia

Malaysia is wealthier than neighboring Indonesia, so it attracts a lot of illegal workers despite having a guest worker program. And periodic government crackdowns are causing big problems for the economy, Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Battle over modified rice in India

Indian rice farmers and traders want the government there to stop controversial trials of genetically-modified rice. They're worried about losing their overseas markets — and rightfully so, Miranda Kennedy reports.

China, India go shopping

There's been a rash of overseas acquisitions by Chinese and Indian companies recently — and some say they've only just begun. Miranda Kennedy takes a look at the trend.
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Vietnam opening for trade

It's taken more than a decade, but it looks like Vietnam finally gets to join the World Trade Organization. And that could be very good for some American businesses. Miranda Kennedy explains.
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Thailand reassures trade partners

Thailand's new prime minister is making the rounds in neighboring countries to reassure trading partners that all is well after last month's military coup. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Radical change on Afghanistan's airwaves

There's been a cultural revolution in Afghanistan's radio and TV programming since the fall of the Taliban five years ago — and advertisers there are loving it. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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