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Memories of an iconic Greek cup

When we found out Greek coffee cup inventor Leslie Buck died this week, we asked Marketplace Morning Report Host Steve Chiotakis to reflect on the...
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Information for Louisiana oil spill volunteers

Aaron Viles of the Gulf Restoration Network put up a quick blog post for people interested in volunteering at the BP oil spill in Louisiana. Check...

Man behind New York's Greek coffee cup dies at 87

If you're grabbing a coffee in the Big Apple, raise a cup to Leslie Buck. The 87-year-old paper-cup company executive and Holocaust survivor, who...
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'Arizona' products carry boycott potential

Arizona is facing a big backlash over its immigration law, as we reported. But now even businesses with loose associations to Arizona are bearing...
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Milk producers: Soy milk not 'real' milk

The National Milk Producers Federation is very protective about the use of the word "milk." USA Today reports they've written the FDA for the sec...
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Greece's troubles look worse on debt revision

The European Union came out with a revision of Greece's budget deficit which was worse than previously expected: Greece's deficit was 13.6 percent...
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Happy 84th birthday, Queen Elizabeth II!

The Queen normally celebrates her birth privately on the actual day and publicly with a June ceremony at Buckingham Palace. In addition to the...
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GM head footing the bill for private jet

Who says the company can't still have a private jet? General Motors CEO Edward E. Whitacre Jr. is footing the bill for today's chartered flight to...
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Illinois Republican won't take Goldman contributions

Republican Congressman Mark Kirk has returned $54,010 in campaign contributions from Goldman Sachs as he runs for the open Illinois Senate seat in...
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Volcano export woes bring New Zealand windfall

We reported yesterday that the airline snafu caused by Eyjafjallajokull's eruption has had a severe impact on domestic and international imports...
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