Juli Niemann is St. Louis' oldest, non-retired analyst. She works for Smith, Moore and Company as executive vice-president for research and portfolio management.  She has worked in the investment industry for over 40 years. Niemann was recently profiled in St. Louis Magazine.   


Features by Juli Niemann

What to expect in the State of the Union

What economic issues will President Obama likely mention in his State of the Union address?
Posted In: State of the Union, Barack Obama

As earnings season begins, fears of euro debt crisis

Alcoa, a major aluminum producer, kicked off earnings season on a dull note. Will other American companies be affected by the ongoing problems in Europe?
Posted In: Alcoa, Earnings, Europe debt crisis

Manufacturing one bright spot for 2012 economy

Manufacturing, both in the U.S. and abroad, could be the strongest growth sector for the economy in 2012.
Posted In: manufacturing

Rental rates one strong sign in weak housing market

Home sales fell again in October, with one bright spot in the mix being the rise in rental rates.
Posted In: Housing, housing market, case shiller

Why companies like AT&T love mergers

We speak to Juli Niemann about why companies continue to push for mergers, even when they often fall through
Posted In: Mergers and Acquisitions, AT&T, T-Mobile

Americans spending more on cars, clothing and furniture

American consumer spending is up, but shoppers are more conscious this time around -- and Black Friday might have been the high point of spending for a while.
Posted In: holiday shopping, retail sales, holiday discounts

President Obama pushes for payroll tax extension

A tax hike could be in store for all Americans at the start of next year if Republicans and Democrats in Washington can't agree. The current payroll tax cuts put money into the pockets of consumers.
Posted In: politics, Washington D.C., President Obama, payroll tax

Juli Niemann: American Airlines bankruptcy could hurt small cities

American Airlines' bankruptcy is seen as a strategic move to shed debt and come out more competitive, yet analyst Juli Niemann worries that it will harm smaller cities and towns.
Posted In: American Airlines, bankruptcy

Juli Niemann: Retail sales get a boost as Black Friday awaits

The Commerce Department announced retail sales jumped half a percent last month.
Posted In: retail sales, Christmas

Juli Niemann: It should be a decent Christmas spending season

Consumer sentiment reports are out today, and Juli Niemann of Smith, Moore and Company, thinks that even though the markets are still down, Americans are willing to spend -- especially during the holidays.


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