Juli Niemann is St. Louis' oldest, non-retired analyst. She works for Smith, Moore and Company as executive vice-president for research and portfolio management.  She has worked in the investment industry for over 40 years. Niemann was recently profiled in St. Louis Magazine.   


Features by Juli Niemann

How important is a federal budget anyway?

It's going to be a big budget week in Washington. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) released his spending plan today, and the Democrats are set to unveil their federal budget sometime in the next few days. But can the two sides come together and agree?
Posted In: federal budget, Paul Ryan

Will you take a hit from the sequester?

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has warned members of Congress that the sequester's spending cuts, which kick in on Friday, will harm the already fragile economic recovery.
Posted In: sequester, Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve

An OfficeMax, Office Depot merger could spell bad news for big-box stores

While many market analysts have been touting the recent spate of mergers and acquisitions as a sign of business confidence, the trend might be more out of necessity.
Posted In: office depot, Mergers and Acquisitions, Retail, big box

State of the Union for jobs: A preview

Juli Niemann, an analyst with Smith Moore & Company, shares her thoughts on what Obama will highlight and the state of jobs and the economy.
Posted In: State of the Union, Obama, Jobs, infrastructure

McDonald's plans to stay open on Christmas Day

McDonald's is telling franchisees to open this year on Christmas Day. Staying open on Thanksgiving this year gave a nice boost to McDonald's sales, and they'd love a repeat performance.
Posted In: Retail, McDonald's, holidays

Markets await news from Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve committee that sets U.S. monetary policy meets today and tomorrow.
Posted In: Federal Reserve, Investing, QE3

Looking back at the data for November

In terms of economic data, November is now one for the books, and it felt like a good opportunity to step back from these numbers we bring you from day to day -- see what it all adds up to.

Stores lure in customers with 'entertainment shopping'

In the fight against ever encroaching online retailers, brick-and-mortar stores are going all out this season to draw in consumers.

Global economy on pause for U.S. election result

Whichever candidate wins, investors and analysts are hoping the next president will be able to avoid the fiscal cliff. But how will markets react if there is no clear winner?
Posted In: 2012 election, global economy, fiscal cliff

Caterpillar cuts profit forecast due to weak exports

The global machinery giant is cutting its forecast for 2012, even as third-quarter profits were up, due to a weak global economy.
Posted In: Caterpillar, global economy


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