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Democrats take on drug pricing

The new Congress will revisit the Medicare drug plan — specifically the item in the original bill that keeps government from negotiating lower drug prices for seniors.
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Piling on the costs to healthcare

We're all aware that being overweight can hurt your personal health, and your ego, too. But it also contributes to rising costs of health care. Helen Palmer reports.
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Looking for a cure to high drug prices

An infectious-disease doctor from London says he's developed a new way of making a drug to treat Hepatitis C that could slash the cost of new therapies. Helen Palmer reports.
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Fat drug delivery

Researchers at Duke University are testing a new cancer treatment method that involves sending in tiny little fat balloons loaded with drugs. Helen Palmer reports.
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Cloned food called safe, but is it desirable?

Food from cloned animals poses no risk, so warning labels aren't justified, according to the FDA. Still, consumers don't seem to have an appetite for it. Helen Palmer reports.
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Medicare Plan D gets more confusing

As the Medicare drug plan reenrollment deadline fast approaches, a new glitch is causing problems for many seniors. Helen Palmer reports.
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Government scraps anthrax vaccine contract

VaxGen fails to meet deadlines and loses $900 million deal with the U.S. And, it's not just the vaccine that's in trouble but the whole bio-defense program it's part of, Project Bioshield. Helen Palmer reports.
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New antidepressant warning?

There's already a safety warning for children, but today an FDA panel looks at whether labeling on antidepressants should include increased risk of suicide for adults too. Helen Palmer reports.
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Hospital care drives health costs

The U.S. will spend around $2 trillion on health care this year. And, Helen Palmer discovers, nearly a third of that cash is devoted to hospitals.
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FDA to review drug-coated stents

Drug-coated stents used to prop open clogged arteries have some big advantages, but studies suggest they could carry dangerous risks too. Helen Palmer reports.
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