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AIDS trials hold hope for vaccine

Nine AIDS vaccines are in clinical trials around the world. The most advanced is taking place in the Dominican Republic where Merck researchers have enlisted prostitutes as their subjects.
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Faster drug approval . . . for a fee

The FDA and the pharmaceutical companies have come up with a new proposal for a program that charges drugmakers fees to speed up FDA approval process, but critics say it doesn't do enough to protect consumers.
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Are CEOs paid an unhealthy amount?

One of the factors often cited as contributing to high health-care costs is the money paid to executives of medical and drug companies. Helen Palmer looks at whether the bosses are worth what they get.
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Indonesia limits access to bird flu samples

Indonesia has decided to send its bird flu virus samples to a drug company instead of the World Health Organization to develop a vaccine. Some researchers are worried, as Helen Palmer reports.
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Putting odds on FDA approval

Researchers in Boston said today they've figured out a way to get around the problem of developing drugs that never get approved by the FDA. Helen Palmer reports.
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West Virginia goes on Weight Watchers

The Mountain State is about to put its Medicaid population on a diet run by the weight-loss company in an attempt to reduce the $100 million a year it spends in obesity-related medical costs. Helen Palmer reports.
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Even Crisco trims the trans fat

The big blue tub of vegetable shortening that many a pie-crust baker'll swear by has joined the trans fat-free revolution. Helen Palmer reports.
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Critics see Bush's plan as no health benefit

In his State of the Union address, President Bush proposed a new approach to healthcare funding that would mean changes to most tax bills. Marketplace health reporter Helen Palmer talks with Kai Ryssdal about the idea.
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Living in different worlds

American children of different races aren't growing up in a world of equal opportunity, according to data collected by researchers as part of a new project exploring diversity in U.S. metro areas. Helen Palmer reports.
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Mass. health plan getting second opinions

Last October the Bay State started signing up its low-income uninsured for a universal health coverage plan. But Helen Palmer reports that some cracks in that plan are starting to show.
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