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$1 million to rat out your company!

An alliance of software companies is offering up to a cool seven figures to whistleblowers who report their companies' use of pirated or illegally copied computer programs. Helen Palmer reports.
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Mass. effort at cutting health spending

The Massachusetts health-care plan requires all residents to have coverage. So the state is trying every which way to make the insurance affordable. Helen Palmer reports on how it's doing.
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Mass. health insurance set to roll out

In April 2006, Massachusetts became the first state to require its residents to have some kind of health insurance. Now, the deadline's looming. Our Helen Palmer gives us an update on people are taking to the plan.
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Controversial weight loss drug hitting shelves

Sales of Alli are projected to be as high as $3 billion a year, but angry critics say once it's available over-the-counter there's nothing to stop it from becoming a dangerous drug for teens and people with eating disorders. Helen Palmer reports.
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Cutting drug costs in half... literally

As health care prices continue to soar, employers are getting more creative about ways to cut costs. The University of Michigan is having its employees cut high-dosage prescription pills in half. Then they share the savings. Helen Palmer has the story.
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Bird flu's back

Avian flu has claimed more victims in Asia recently and that's sparked renewed concerns about the possibility of a pandemic — but not so much among the American public. Most of us haven't prepared at all, Helen Palmer reports.
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Superbugs create super opportunity

You don't want to go to the hospital, the old joke goes, it's full of sick people! And, it turns out, increasingly you're likely to catch an antibiotic-resistant infection there. Scary for patients, but it could mean big bucks for big pharma. Helen Palmer reports.
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Avandia's fight for survival

Congress holds a hearing today on the safety of diabetes drug Avandia. GlaxoSmithKline is mounting an aggressive defense for its No. 2 seller. With sales already plummeting, there's a lot of cash on the line. Helen Palmer reports
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Our loss, diet industry's gain

As Americans get bigger, so does the weight-loss business. The diet industry is now a multibillion-dollar enterprise, one whose existence depends on our failures. Helen Palmer reports.
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Are we paying too much for prescriptions?

Americans pay the most in the world for prescription medications. Are we getting our money's worth? Helen Palmer reports.
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